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Congratulations!!! We're so happy that everything turned out so well :) Now, we would love for you to share your experience with the rest of the brides in the community. Tell us about how it went and post a picture or two, we're dying to see them.

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First anniversary! How will you celebrate??
Maegan, On 11/February/2019 at 10:30

Hey everyone! My husband and I just made plans for our first anniversary this summer and I got to wondering what do other couples do to celebrate their first year of marriage?? Weekend getaway? Big...

Donna Yeung, yesterday at 22:15 39 messages 217
Soldering Rings... yay or nay?
Colleen, On 1/February/2019 at 14:43

I have read MANY discussions regarding this topic. There seem to be polarizing opinions... lol. I want to have mine soldered as I'm a little OCD I am constantly fixing my other rings (and I don't...

Donna Yeung, saturday 20-Apr-19 12 messages 89
How long did it take to get your pictures back?
Kaisha, On 2/April/2019 at 22:26

We got married just over 2 weeks ago so I know its soon. I am already checking my emails regularly though, I just want to see all the pictures so much. Would love to know what to expect roughly.

Kaisha, saturday 20-Apr-19 11 messages 67
Wedding Album
Rekramer, On 14/February/2019 at 13:27

Has anyone ordered their wedding album or seen a lot of wedding albums? We are ordering ours online and I'm struggling to decide whether to go with a square, or portrait set up, and size. Any thoughts...

Donna Yeung, saturday 20-Apr-19 7 messages 84
Do you still wear anything from your wedding day?
Joey, On 20/March/2019 at 08:05

Do you keep any wedding day tokens or mementos close by - aside from your wedding ring, of course! Do you break out your wedding shoes whenever you can? Have you repurposed your dress? Do you like to...

Donna Yeung, saturday 20-Apr-19 7 messages 69
Way to include your dog in your ceremony?
Racheal Blair, On 11/April/2019 at 09:30

In what ways did you or do you plan to include your dog in your wedding? I've seen it go awry, but only in ways that ended up being endearing stories to tell later on. We have a really well behaved...

Stephanie, tuesday 16-Apr-19 14 messages 68