If you’re the hands-on type and want to give your wedding an extra personal touch, in here you'll find ideas, tips and tutorials to design and create your own wedding invitations, decorations and other details…

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Fake vs Real Flowers
Emily, On 25/July/2019 at 17:54

Just wondering who else is debating between ordering real flowers for their wedding day, buying fake flowers instead, or a mix of both. I really love flowers and feel like going fake will look cheap...

Adriana, tuesday 8-Oct-19 25 messages 231
Grooms present
Alison, Yesterday at 11:11

I’m getting married in just over a month and I wanted to get creative with putting together a gift for the day of. I decided to put together a box with some items the might help him get through the...

Liga, 16 hours ago 4 messages 32
First diy
Amelia, On 2/October/2019 at 15:10

I had a day off and took the opportunity to hammer out my first DIY this morning. I’m still fairly new to lettering and, although I might tweak it still, I’m overall pretty happy with how it turned...

Brett, yesterday at 20:04 24 messages 193
Theresa, Yesterday at 11:31

I am really undecided on how I would like my centerpieces! Our theme is very rustic and outdoorsy and we are having round tables! Any help or ideas would be perfect!!

Rayanne, yesterday at 18:57 2 messages 26
True or False - I've had to abandon an idea because it was going over time or budget
Joey, On 22/April/2019 at 08:50

Not all of our gorgeous ideas will make it to the wedding day. It's a fact of wedding planning (and life!) that we have limited time and money and sometimes things have to be cut in favor of other...

Melissa, friday 11-Oct-19 34 messages 186
Inspiration for cards box
Emily, On 10/October/2019 at 13:18

Hi all! Looking for some ideas for our card box. Something rustic, but still somewhat formal. Would love to DIY it, mostly because all the ones I have seen at stores are tacky (IMO)

Kelsie, friday 11-Oct-19 6 messages 53
My biggest diy success
Seleena, On 26/September/2019 at 01:07

So, as many of you know, I had started making a very large DIY wax paper backdrop for my wedding. It took me 6 months to finally complete it. I literally had this vision in my head, and just hoped it...

Kelly, thursday 10-Oct-19 14 messages 137
Biodegradable Confetti
Jennifer, On 25/August/2019 at 12:57

Just saw this...and thought how ingenious!

Vinod, thursday 10-Oct-19 12 messages 80
Next diy project
Emily, On 8/October/2019 at 13:57

I need your help deciding my next DIY project for the wedding. Should I use this piece I have for a seating chart or a picture board of me and my FH with something cute like “with my whole heart for...

Vinod, thursday 10-Oct-19 7 messages 52
diy Head Table Backdrop
Maddie19, On 17/September/2019 at 15:36

Did anyone make their own backdrop out of wood pallets? What did it end up costing you? I can't justify spending hundreds on drapery!

Sinéad, friday 4-Oct-19 4 messages 32
DIY your flowers, or leave it to the pros?
Joey, On 28/September/2019 at 14:05

Do you plan to give floral DIY a try, or will you leave this part of the wedding to the professionals? Photo by My Wedding Planners in Toronto

Tori, thursday 3-Oct-19 12 messages 95
diy decor design
Emily, On 12/September/2019 at 21:32

I’m crazy about DIYing as much as I can for my wedding mostly because I can and I like doing it 😁 anyone else like that?! Check out my little mock up design 😅😅

Emily, thursday 3-Oct-19 16 messages 85
On A Scale Of 1-10... how successful have your DIY efforts been?
Joey, On 29/July/2019 at 07:54

10 - You've totally nailed all your DIY attempts, the DIY judges would give you a perfect score! 1 - Your DIYs have been a bit of a dumpster fire and you never want to see the inside of a craft store...

Melissa, monday 30-Sep-19 22 messages 121
Fake or Real flowers and why?
Shannon, On 18/August/2019 at 17:11

I'm taking a poll, hopefully I'll get many responses to get a good results. Cross posting.

Shannon, saturday 28-Sep-19 25 messages 204
Lisa, On 27/August/2019 at 22:06

Has anyone tried growing their own succulents for wedding favours? If so, any advice to share? We've 3D printed our plant pots and we're going to attempt to grow our own succulents to represent our...

Lisa, wednesday 25-Sep-19 7 messages 60
Into It or Over It: Mirrored Signs?
Lynnie, On 12/February/2018 at 10:05

This week we’re talking all about wedding trends! If you really want to take a decor deep-dive, you can keep yourself DIYing for eternity with wedding signage! We're talking signs on signs on signs...

Nelly, wednesday 25-Sep-19 40 messages 429