Imagine that you just won $1000! What would you do? Would you roll out the red carpet for your wedding? If you have any doubt about the contest: when will the winners be announced, how to get more entries, what are the rules... everything is here!

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Congrats to the winners of the 26th edition of the WeddingWire contest!
Joey, On 5/April/2019 at 16:11

It's winner time once again! Please join me in a big cheer for the newest winners of the WeddingWire contest. Allow me to introduce you to Amy & Evan!Here is what Amy said about winning - "When I...

Becky, monday 8-Apr-19 4 messages 86
Contest entry
Alyssa, On 15/February/2019 at 09:14

Does anyone know, how you know if you’ve been entered into the contest? It says I have 10 entries available.... but keeps telling me to “enter the contest” ? I’m so confused

Alyssa, thursday 21-Feb-19 3 messages 50
My wedding Dreams :)
Michelle, On 2/December/2018 at 14:37

Love this Man! If i won the $1000 it would go towards helping my parents and his parents paying for the wedding. We wouldnt have been able to book what we have without their help and we would love to...

Robyn, tuesday 4-Dec-18 2 messages 36
We've got a winner!! Congrats to the winners of the 21st edition WeddingWire contest!
Lynnie, On 8/November/2018 at 17:32

Congrats to Leanne & David, the 21st winners of the WeddingWire contest!! Photo by Daniel Ricci Wedding Photography in Niagara FallsHere is what Leanne had to say about winning:I was at...

Bianca, monday 19-Nov-18 5 messages 76
How many bridal contests have you entered? Did you win any of them? If so, what was the prize?
Charmaine, On 4/May/2018 at 11:27

There are so many bridal contests out there and was curious to know if there were any winners out there and if so what was your winning prize? My FH and I are finalists in a contest with two other...

Bianca, thursday 10-May-18 12 messages 152