Imagine that you just won $1000! What would you do? Would you roll out the red carpet for your wedding? If you have any doubt about the contest: when will the winners be announced, how to get more entries, what are the rules... everything is here!

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Join me in a big "Hooray!" for the 14th winners of our contest!
Joey, On 10/April/2018 at 09:10

Congratulations to the winners of the 14th edition of our contest! Kait and Derek are the lucky ones this month. Derek had this to say about their experience:This is awesome! It took me a moment to...

Marcia, thursday 19-Apr-18 7 messages 80
Contest entries
Amanda, On 27/February/2018 at 10:32

I was just wondering about booking vendors (for contest entries) I've booked a number of vendors but when I input their names, they don't seem to be available to select for entry. Is there a way to...

Lynnie, tuesday 13-Mar-18 6 messages 81
Mary Kay Bridal Package
Amy Kobza, On 22/January/2018 at 09:51

Hey guys, I got a text from someone who works at Mary Kay saying I won a Bridal Pamper Package which is awesome because I've never won anything, but the strange part is she said I won it at the Fort...

Kim, wednesday 14-Feb-18 11 messages 234
Is it wrong to try to sell a prize?
Emily, On 22/January/2018 at 23:57

I recently attended a Bridal Show in Edmonton and won $2000 off a cinematography package and $2000 off a photography package. I can’t use it because I have a photographer and the prices are still too...

Sashanette, wednesday 24-Jan-18 8 messages 126
Kitchen Charm
Stephanie, On 15/January/2018 at 14:01

Hey Guys,Has anyone heard of Kitchen Charm? I went to the Bridal Expo in Edmonton and received a call from Kitchen Charm. They said if I partake in the 90 minute presentation of cookware that I would...

Erin, friday 19-Jan-18 10 messages 223
Winning a bridal contest for kitchen chime Culinary demonstration
Samantha, On 30/October/2017 at 15:34

My biggest thought is it actually this real. I have read a lot of previous reviews on winning this contest and it being a hoax. The thought of a young adult saving up all of her money and finding out...

Tiffany, monday 30-Oct-17 2 messages 60