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In this category you will meet other couples from your area. For sure they will be able to advise you about places to get married and the companies they've hired. And, they will also provide you with original ideas...

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Selling wedding decor
Lydia, Yesterday at 01:00

Hi all, I got married 2 months ago, and I am having trouble selling a few last pieces of our wedding decor. Are there any suggestions other than FB,Craiglist,Kijiji and Letgo where I could sell the...

Tori, yesterday at 09:13 1 message 3
Couples getting married on 8/august/2020 in British Columbia
Silkie, On 15/July/2019 at 17:06

Hi everyone, newly engaged and hoping to get married Aug 8, 2020. Are we way behind the game? Where is everyone in their planning process?

Jenni, yesterday at 00:39 5 messages 31
Nail Artist Recommendations!?
Stephanie, On 2/August/2019 at 16:22

Hi guys!! Im getting married on August 24th in Vancouver and am hoping someone can suggest a great bridal nail artist for acrylic ombré and a small design! Also looking for an eyelash extension tech...

Stephanie, saturday 17-Aug-19 4 messages 16
Couples getting married on 31/october/2020 in British Columbia
Jennifer, On 1/August/2019 at 00:13

congratulations everyone

Cliodhna, friday 16-Aug-19 1 message 6
Seeking wedding DJ
Melissa, On 25/July/2019 at 11:15

Hi there, We're getting married in Abbotsford, BC next August and are currently looking for a local DJ. Ideally, I'm looking for someone who's not only fun and engaging, but could also provide some...

Cliodhna, friday 16-Aug-19 3 messages 16
Couples getting married on 10/july/2021 in British Columbia
Shyan, On 19/July/2019 at 21:59

Hello Everyone! Its so crazy to think that this many of us are getting married on the exact same day ! And my spouse says I am crazy for planning this early haha! Cheers

Cliodhna, friday 16-Aug-19 3 messages 23
Couples getting married on 31/july/2020 in British Columbia
Bhawna, On 14/August/2019 at 13:23

Hey all! I am getting married on July 31, 2020! This will be our first ceremony (this is a multi cultural wedding) and will take place in the temple. On August 2, we will be having our western civil...

Bhawna, wednesday 14-Aug-19 1 message 13
Vegetarian/vegan Catering??
Mike, On 12/August/2019 at 23:27

Anyone know of any places (Local to the Vancouver area) that does Vegetarian or Vegan catering for weddings?

Mike, wednesday 14-Aug-19 2 messages 9
Where did you buy your linens?
Sarah, On 29/May/2019 at 22:33

I’m curious to know where all of the Canadian brides have purchased their linens?I am specifically after a table skirt like in the photos but I will also be seeking chair covers for folding chairs.I...

Kelly, monday 12-Aug-19 2 messages 25
Skin prep!
kristen, On 7/August/2019 at 19:40

Any ladies have recommendations for facials/other skin prep needs in the Vernon/Kelowna area?

kristen, wednesday 7-Aug-19 3
Photographers in BC
Seleena, On 6/August/2019 at 14:40

I want all the details on your photographers!How did you select your photographer? Did he/she meet all your requirements? How was your engagement session? Being a photographer myself, I was on the...

Seleena, tuesday 6-Aug-19 19
Couples getting married on 18/july/2020 in British Columbia
Kate, On 13/February/2019 at 00:10

Getting married on July 18th 2020. Wanna share ideas, inspirations or talk the stress away? Shoot me a message if that's how that works. Love to share some inspiration and goals.

Alyssa, monday 5-Aug-19 8 messages 70
Photographer in lower mainland
Meaghan, On 25/June/2019 at 11:02

So my budget for a photographer is only $500 and I have seen a few but no one good. Dose anyone know about someone in the Harrison area I could get for that price?

Jennifer, friday 2-Aug-19 7 messages 51
Seeking wedding DJ
Melissa, On 17/July/2019 at 20:48

Hi there! My fiance and I are getting married next August and are currently deciding if we'd like to hire a DJ. I'd really like to find someone who's not only fun and entertaining, but could also...

Cliodhna, friday 2-Aug-19 1 message 9
Couples getting married on 10/october/2020 in British Columbia
Lisa, On 17/October/2018 at 13:58

So I see my fiance and I weren't the only ones amused by the 10/10/2020 date...hey everyone! We're from Nanaimo and both thankful for and impatient with the extended saving/planning time 😂

Emily, thursday 25-Jul-19 4 messages 47
Silk flowers in BC
Erin, On 9/July/2019 at 16:51

I’m looking for venders in BC that will do silk flower arrangements and ship? If you know of anyone. Please let me know!

Cliodhna, friday 19-Jul-19 1 message 12