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Outdoor Ceremony Location
Nadine, Yesterday at 16:01

We have found the perfect venue for our reception in Bragg Creek but now I’m on the hunt for an outdoor ceremony location within 30mins of Bragg Creek that has a nice mountain backdrop, and can hold...

Nadine, Yesterday at 16:01 6
Photo locations in Edmonton
Stephanie, On 12/November/2017 at 05:02

Anyone have any pretty, creative, nice, cool, unknown, popular photo locations in Edmonton? I am still pretty new to Edmonton so don't know too many of the hidden (or not so hidden) gems. For...

Bethany, Sunday 19-Nov-17 3 messages 16
Couples getting married on 14/july/2018 in alberta
Hannah, On 9/August/2017 at 14:02

Anyone else writing there own vows?

Bethany, Sunday 19-Nov-17 3 messages 32
Couples getting married on 29/june/2018 in Alberta
Emily, On 11/November/2017 at 22:22

Congratulations all of you! Who is excited!? How long did it take you guys to determine a venue? I switched mine 3 times!

Joey, Monday 13-Nov-17 1 message 14
Reasonably priced officiant Edmonton
Marina, On 23/October/2017 at 21:17

Hey girls, is it me or do all officiants cost an arm and a leg? I cannot find anybody that is reasonably priced and doing an atheist wedding. :/

Marina, Thursday 2-Nov-17 2 messages 21
Suggestions Please! Casual Bachelorette in Banff
Alexa, On 24/October/2017 at 01:28

Hi ladies,I am trying to figure out how to plan a bachelorette. I've decided to go with the Friday night before our Sunday wedding. My FH will also be having his bachelor party then. It's scary,...

Joey, Monday 30-Oct-17 1 message 25