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Living in Alberta, getting married in Golden bc
Vanessa, On 24/March/2019 at 22:02

My Fiancé and I are looking at getting married in Golden, BC and we live in Calgary, AB. Trying to find more info on how to do this. Any laws etc. we have to look at? TIA

Stephanie, monday 15-Apr-19 2 messages 15
Rundleview Park Ceremony
Andrea, On 9/April/2019 at 13:13

Hello! I just reserved space at Rundleview park Canmorefor our ceremony in June 2020. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations on chair rentals, or someone who can provide set up and teat down at...

Sinéad, monday 15-Apr-19 3 messages 21
Couples getting married on 1/august/2020 in Alberta
Jessica, On 14/March/2019 at 19:50

Hi ladies. Curious if you can offer me any wisdom. As I just started looking for venues. Didn't realize it would be so booked up so far in advance

Mimi, thursday 11-Apr-19 6 messages 38
Jasper wedding
Ashley, On 8/April/2019 at 23:14

Who did your bridal hair for your wedding!? Planning this from out of town and need recommendations! Thanks.

Cliodhna, thursday 11-Apr-19 2 messages 19
Getting married at Tunnel Mountain Reservoir
Heather, On 3/February/2019 at 16:40

Hi - We're having our ceremony at Tunnel Mountain. We will be renting chairs of course, but I'm wondering are any other brides renting sound systems? Our ceremony is going to be pretty simple and only...

Heather, tuesday 26-Mar-19 3 messages 22
Need Help Choosing a Reception Venue
Mimi, On 21/March/2019 at 14:56

Hello Everyone! So, me and my fiancee haven't decided on a reception venue because we are stuck between these two.Both of these venues have roughly the same price-point. I will include as much details...

Allison, friday 22-Mar-19 12 messages 84