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Sos! Need help with florist!
Gwen, Yesterday at 13:26

We are meeting with a florist but we have no idea how much to budget. We need my bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, a junior bridesmaid bouquet, 3 corsages, grooms boutineer, and 6 other boutineers. Can...

Stephanie, yesterday at 14:06 1 message 6
Jasper, Alberta wedding anyone?
Bridget, On 11/February/2018 at 01:22

Wondering if any of you out there are getting married in Jasper, AB this year?

Karissa, friday 16-Feb-18 6 messages 25
How much/how many?
Rosalyn, On 21/January/2018 at 15:04

Hey Ladies (And gents) I’m curious to know peoples wedding budgets! I feel like I’m on point with average wedding costs (especially with the location) but my fiancé is feeling like we are high! 48-50...

Surina, thursday 15-Feb-18 20 messages 103
Couples getting married on 20/april/2019 in Alberta
Sherri-Lyn, On 15/February/2018 at 02:24

So excited to get married on this day

Sherri-Lyn, thursday 15-Feb-18 5
Couples getting married on 1/september/2018 in Alberta
Vanessa, On 2/January/2018 at 14:22

Since September is getting closer how much planning have y’all completed? I have invites done , booked ceremony and reception venue and the photographer . Oh and the dress ! How do you guys stay on...

Joneve, tuesday 13-Feb-18 6 messages 71
Vendors Near Grande Prairie
Shontelle, On 8/February/2018 at 18:26

Hello all! I am just at the very beginning stages of planning and I was wondering if anyone in or near Grande Prairie would have any vendor, venue etc. suggestions Thanks in advance!

Stephanie, sunday 11-Feb-18 2 messages 12