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"It is not that which you wear but who you are that defines what you wear. Flechas & Darger Ltd. is a fashion company dedicated to helping a woman compliment her beauty with the clothes she wears. Specializing in custom design (including bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening wear, etc.), our young, talented, lead designers with over 15 years combined experience help women everywhere compliment their individual beauty. Whether it is something simple or a piece that requires a little more attention to detail, we offer a wide variety of opportunities and clothing that cover the individual woman's needs to the desires of the masses. Together, there are limitless possibilities for expressing a woman's true beauty through fashion, especially on that special day. Flechas & Darger Ltd. makes it happen.

Visit our website www.flechasanddarger.com or email us at info@flechasanddarger.com for more information.

Though we are based out of Calgary, Canada, our team and manufacturing is spread out over North America. The company's birth in 2013 was a result of growing demand for Flechas and Darger's creations both on and off paper. We are a fashion firm worthy of complimenting any and all women's beauty. A woman is beautiful. Period. Flechas & Darger's fashion puts an exclamation on that point."

"The clothes shouldn't define the person; the person should define the clothes."

— Wendy Flechas, Lead Designer (Flechas & Darger Ltd.)

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